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Mono-floral and Poly-floral Honey?

By February 13, 2022June 20th, 2023Honey Blog

You Asked, We Answer “How do you know Lavender honey is produced
by Lavender Flower?”

All honey divides into two categories: Mono-floral and Poly-floral.

Poly-floral Honey is produced by honey bees feeding on a range of different flowers, trees and other melliferous blooming at the same time. Therefore, the bees collect nectar from all of these melliferous. The honey is often called, Multifloral, Wildflower, Summer Honey, to name a few.

Mono-floral honey is produced primarily by the nectar of a single flower, plant or tree, for example, Acacia, Lavender, Linden etc. It is usually named after this plant or tree. To produce such mono-floral varieties, the beehives are located where the specific flower or plant is in abundance. Of course, the bees will collect nectar from other melliferous in the area too, but the predominant one will be the flower in abundance.

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