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Can You Use Raw Honey Instead of Sugar in Coffee and Tea

By April 14, 2024Honey Blog

Did you know that making a simple switch from sugar to raw honey in your beverages can help you avoid consuming 13,140 calories in a year?

When it comes to sweetening our favourite beverages like tea and coffee, many of us tend to reach for the sugar bowl without giving it a second thought.

However, making a simple switch from processed sugar to natural raw honey can not only reduce your calorie intake but offer a lot more.

What are the benefits of switching to raw honey instead of sugar

Let’s analyse the numbers

Swapping out 16 grams of sugar for 16 grams of raw honey in your daily tea or coffee may not seem like a significant change, but the calorie savings can add up over time.

Raw Honey: 16 grams of raw honey typically contains about 46 calories.

Sugar: 16 grams of granulated sugar typically contains about 64 calories.

By making this simple switch, you could potentially save around 18 calories per serving, if you have an average of two brews a day leading to a substantial reduction of over 1,095 calories per month and over 13,140 calories in a year.

Examples of 13,140 calories in foods:

  • 23 Big Macs (each 563 calories)

  • 36 Medium French Fries (each 365 calories)

  • 44 Cheeseburgers (each 300 calories)

By making a simple swap from processed sugar to natural raw honey, you can enjoy the sweetness you desire without accompanying all this calorie overload.

Honey is the perfect choice to enjoy a healthier version of your favourite hot beverage. Start by adding a small amount of honey and adjust the sweetness to your liking.

Raw honey is also considered a better alternative to sugar as it contains more nutrients and antioxidants that can benefit your overall health.

By making the switch from processed sugar to natural raw honey, not only are you reducing your calorie intake significantly, but you are also benefiting from the additional nutrients and antioxidants present in honey.

Raw honey contains various vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are beneficial for overall health, unlike processed sugar, which offers empty calories.

By choosing honey as your sweetener, you are not only reducing your calorie overload but also incorporating a healthier, more wholesome option into your daily routine.

What is the best honey to sweeten your tea and coffee

Acacia honey is often regarded as the best option for replacing sugar in tea or coffee.

Acacia honey has a delicate, mild flavour that won’t overpower the taste of your favourite beverage. Making it a perfect choice for sweetening without altering the original taste.

Furthermore, Acacia honey is known for its high fructose content, which means it is sweeter than sugar. So, you may need less of it to achieve the desired level of sweetness.

In summary

By making a simple switch from sugar to raw honey in your tea or coffee, you can save yourself from consuming unnecessary calories and still enjoy a sweetened beverage

This small change not only reduces your calorie intake but also provides additional nutrients and antioxidants for your overall health.

Raw honey offers a natural, healthier sweetening option that can enhance the flavour of your favourite beverages without the guilt of excessive calories.

So, next time you reach for the sugar bowl, consider reaching for a jar of Acacia Honey instead for a more nutritious and delicious alternative.

Beverages should not be hot when honey is added. Let your coffee or tea cool down slightly before adding the honey. So all beneficial properties of raw honey are preserved.