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Why Bulgarian Honey

By July 17, 2021October 5th, 2023Honey Blog

Bulgaria – often called Europe’s hidden treasure. Located in the heart of the Balkans, this beautiful county has been known as one of the best producers of high-quality honey and beeswax for a long time.

Let’s unravel the secrets behind Bulgaria’s honey success and uncover why it’s a destination worth buzzing about for all honey enthusiasts.

Traditional Beekeeping 

Bulgaria is a small country but has a lot of magic, history, traditions and natural treasures. The history of Bulgarian Beekeeping consists of ancient traditions, knowledge and experience passed down through generations for centuries. Resulting in the development of a deep understanding of the bees and using methods, techniques, and tools that have been refined and perfected over time.

Rich Floral Diversity 

The biodiversity in Bulgaria is extremely rich. It has almost all European habitat types, and also a significant number of unique ecosystems.

Bulgaria has a diverse landscape providing a wealth of flora. This is essential as it ensures the bees have an abundance of flowers to collect nectar from.

Over one-third of its territory is mountainous and semi-mountainous areas with many protected areas with rare plants and pure nature far away from industrial areas and all sources of pollution.

Furthermore, the lack of working enterprises in heavy industry preserves and enriches the ecological environment, which contributes enormously to honey quality and purity. 


Bulgaria has a considerable amount of sunshine throughout the year which helps in the production of honey as it stimulates the growth of flowers and the production of nectar.

During the warm summer months, the bees can forage and collect nectar from various flowering plants which in turn ensure the health of the bees and the production of high-quality honey. 

Honey Bees require a mild and stable climate to develop strong colonies, and Bulgaria provides just that. The moderate four seasons climate, the varied vegetation and the natural ecological conditions form the perfect environment for the development of strong and healthy bee colonies and the extraction of pure honey with fantastic taste, aroma and benefits. 

Bulgaria is GMO-Free

Bulgaria is GMO – free. This has numerous benefits for beekeeping, the quality of honey and ultimately the end user. By being free of genetically modified organisms, bees have access to natural, uncontaminated sources of pollen nectar, which preserves their health and prevents the mutation and genetic contamination of bee populations. The quality and purity of honey are also enhanced, as bees are healthy and collect flower nectar from non – GMO flowers and plants. 

Bulgaria is a member of the EU

Being a member of the European Union Bulgaria adheres to strict food safety and quality standards ensuring that the honey is produced and exported under highly regulated conditions.

The EU regulations provide a comprehensive framework for food safety and quality. These standards and regulations give assurance that the honey is produced through sustainable and ethical practices and bottled under safe and transparent conditions, free from adulterants.

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