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Wildflower honey

Wildflower & Multifloral Honey

By Honey Blog

Raw Wildflower or Multifloral honey is made from nectar collected by bees from flowers in the wild, not cultivated on a farm or intentionally planted in an urban garden. The process of collecting wildflower honey is quite different from that of Mono-floral honey.

All honey divides into two groups: Mono-floral and Poly-floral. The first is when the honey is produced predominantly by the flower nectar of a single melliferous, the name of the plant is usually the name of the honey. For example, Linden, Lavender, Sunflower Honey etc.

On the other side, Poly-floral honey is produced by the flower nectar of a wide range of flowers. The most used names for Poly-floral honey are Multifloral and Wildflower honey. However, It could also be called spring honey or summer honey. Therefore, reflecting the time of the year the honey was produced.

This type of honey can be very distinctive, as it reflects the characteristics of the predominant flowers in the area, the time of the year and to a lesser extent, the local soil and climate conditions in which melliferous grow.

Therefore, different regions produce different varieties of poly-floral honey by virtue of the different species of flowers blooming in them at different times.

Just like grapes used to make red wine or coffee beans grown in different climates around the world, each type of wildflower has a unique flavour profile that contributes to the overall taste of the honey.

Some varieties have stronger floral notes than others; some are more earthy and musky; some are fruity or nutty, and some have a strong aroma but not much flavour. The colour also changes depending on which flowers were blooming when the bees were making their rounds.

While some honey may have a strong flavour due to its floral source (usually the predominant flower in that particular region), most wildflower honey has a well-balanced, mild sweet floral taste.

You can use it as a simple sweetener for tea or coffee without overpowering your drink or enjoy its complex flavour by adding it to salad dressings or baked goods like cakes and muffins, add it to smoothies, greek yoghurt, or simply enjoy it straight from the jar.

Authentic, Poly-floral honey could be recognised by its strong floral aroma. The complex smell of flowers should be felt with opening the jar. Unlike some cheap mixed, varieties where there is a smell of burn sugar or glucose and it tastes just sweet without any flower flavour.