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Raw Hawthorn Honey

What is Hawthorn Honey?

By Honey Blog

Hawthorn Honey is a rare variety with unique taste and beneficial properties. It is made from honey bees collecting nectar from the bloom of Hawthorn trees and bushes.

Hawthorn honey is harvested during the blooming of the hawthorn trees and bushes. The exact time of bloom can vary depending on the specific type of hawthorn tree and geographical location, but generally hawthorn trees and bushes bloom in spring time between April and June.

The blossom is bright white with petals and look like little starbursts of colour when they bloom. The berries are red or black, depending on whether they’ve been pollinated by birds or bees.

What does hawthorn honey taste like?

Hawthorn honey stands out with its exceptionally delicious taste. It has a light floral aroma with notes of orange and citrus. Hawthorn Honey has medium sweetness with a lovely nutty aftertaste with hints of almonds.

What does hawthorn honey look like?

Raw Hawthorn Honey 900g in glass jar front viewHawthorn honey has a beautiful golden-amber colour, which may vary slightly from pale yellow to dark amber depending on the geography and climate of the area the bees collected the nectar from.

Hawthorn Honey Pairing

Hawthorn Honey open jar with wooden honey dipper in useHawthorn honey delivers a pleasant almond nutty taste making it an excellent choice for toast, porridge, pancakes, plain yoghurt, fruit salads, or to pair it with hard cheeses. It is fantastic honey to enjoy a spoon or two straight from the jar.