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Natural Energy booster

Does Honey Give You Energy?

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Raw Honey has been used as a natural energy booster for centuries. Records show that ancient Greek athletes were given a spoon of raw honey before olympics to increase physical performance. Today, there are many scientific studies proving its effectiveness as an energy booster.

Keeping our bodies fuelled with energy is crucial for optimal performance, but instead of reaching for energy drinks or other processed sugar bombs it may be wise to seek out more natural and healthy alternative. So we avoid the harmful additives that are found in energy drinks and enjoy a more sustainable, long lasting source of energy that supports our overall health and well-being.

Honey – Nature’s Energy Bar

Honey is nature’s original energy bar, plus it’s a natural sweetener that contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Honey contains carbohydrates, proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals. Carbohydrates give you quick energy while proteins boost your metabolism and help muscle recovery. The American College of Sports and Medicine have provided broad recommendations for carbohydrate consumption during physical activities and also claimed that consuming a combination of glucose and fructose improves performance during longer exercise. Raw honey naturally contains both, fructose and glucose.

The glucose in honey enters the bloodstream quickly, helping to provide immediate energy for your muscles during exercise or any physical activity. In fact, a single tablespoon of honey contains about 17 grams of carbohydrate—that’s nearly as much as an 8-ounce glass of orange juice!

Honey is also a good source of fructose, which is absorbed more slowly than glucose. The slow absorption rate means it takes longer for your blood sugar levels to rise after eating honey—this makes it easier to avoid any sudden spikes in blood sugar that may cause fatigue or other problems during exercise.

Because it contains both fructose and glucose, honey can also help maintain healthy blood sugar levels between meals by slowing down the conversion of other carbohydrates into glucose within the body.

Honey contains many vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium—all important nutrients for athletes looking to keep up their energy levels while training hard!

A study published in Science Direct concluded that honey alone could potentially improve aerobic exercise performance; furthermore honey in combination with exercise promotes bone health and improves immune systems.

Another study published in Food Navigator tested would honey be a good source of energy to athletes comparing with other sport drinks and gels. In one of the trials cyclist were given glucose gel or honey prior 40-mile race. Honey showed to significantly increased power and speed over glucose gel. After three trials in different sports the study concluded that honey did as well or better in some areas than other commercial products.

Additionally, the type of honey you consume can impact how much energy it provides. Raw honey, which is unprocessed and unfiltered, contains much more nutrients and enzymes than processed honey. These nutrients and enzymes can help the body digest and absorb the sugars in honey more efficiently, ultimately providing more energy.

How To Use Honey as Natural Energy Source

In Your Smoothie

Honey is a delicious addition to any healthy smoothie recipe. Combine it with fruit or vegetables for added flavour and nutrition. You can even add milk for creaminess! Honey also makes an excellent substitute for sugar in recipes if you want something less processed than white sugar.

Mix With Protein Powder

Adding protein powder to your smoothie takes it from being a snack into providing nutrients essential for building muscle mass. Adding raw honey to it transforms it into a health and energy bomb that can keep you going for hours!

Make Your Own Energy Bars

Mix chunky peanut butter with raw honey and granola and form into bars. Combine your favourite nuts and seeds with dates to create chewy, bite-size energy balls. Stir honey, whole grain cereal flakes, dried fruit and sesame seeds together and press into bars.

Mix It With Greek Yoghurt

Very simple but effective way to get a quick energy boost with all the gut friendly benefits of the yoghurt. Honey is a healthy food on its own but if you add calcium-rich, gut friendly yoghurt, you get a real power-packed snack. If you’re feeling it, you can add some fruit like banana or berries for a more colourful snack.

Straight Out Of The Jar

If you don’t want the hassle, the simplest way is to have a spoonful straight out of the jar. Simple but effective!

So, does honey give you energy? Yes, but it is important to consume it in moderation and choose raw honey over processed to maximise its benefits. Raw honey is a natural sweetener that can provide a quick source of energy, along with a variety of other health benefits.