Interesting fact #11 “The Story of Cheese and Honey”

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The combination of these two delicious foods began around A.D. 14-37 with a Roman gourmand named Marcus Gavius Apicius.
Throughout the ages, the name Apicius has been associated with luxury and gluttony and just happens to be the title of the oldest collection of recipes from ancient Rome.
Although the many legends surrounding the life of Apicius, history seems to agree that his extravagant menus were regarded as a high art and his parties were lavish banquets often lasting for days on end. As well known, feasting was a significant part of Roman society, and honey was a delicacy reserved for only the elite. Apicius included honey in many of his recipes, it kept food fresh and moist; and could also mask the taste of spoilage, in the days before refrigeration.
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Interesting facts #10 “Honey doesn’t spoil”

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Delicious with Honey #2

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Easy, but elegant this recipe is perfect to be served, as a starter or a snack at any time.
4 Figs
Few slices bread
Goat Cheese
Cut 8 thin slices of bread and toast lightly – we used a walnut & sunflower seed bread and it contributed a lot to the amazing taste, but it will be as good with your preferable bread.
Generously spread the toast with goat’s cheese and add a few slices of a fresh figs.
Drizzle with honey and serve.
We used a lavender honey, which blended very well and gave a fresh aromatic finish.

Interesting Facts #4

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Interesting Facts #4

Honey is a common remedy for insomnia. Taken before bed assists in a good night sleep. In fact University of Cambridge Counseling Service suggests ea

ting bread with honey or drinking warm tea with honey before bedtime to alleviate anxiety.

Lavender honey is excellent choice against stress and to relax the nervous system. Acts as a natural relaxant, it has a soothing effect on migraines and palpitations. Luteolin, another antioxidant found in Lavender honey, which helps to boost the immune system and promotes healthy blood glucose levels. Taken before bed Lavender honey also assist in a good night sleep.

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