Where does your honey come from?’

By July 17, 2021April 6th, 2022You Ask, We Answer

“Where does your honey come from?”

Our honey origin from Bulgaria.
Bulgaria has been known as one of the biggest producers of high-quality honey and beeswax for a long time. The history of Bulgarian beekeeping consists of ancient traditions, knowledge and experience.

Bulgaria is a small country but has a lot of magic, history, traditions and natural treasures.
The biodiversity in Bulgaria is extremely rich. It has almost all European habitat types, also a significant number of unique ecosystems.
Over one-third of its territory is mountainous and semi-mountainous areas, pure nature far away from industrial areas and all sources of pollution.

The lack of working enterprises in heavy industry preserves and enriches the ecological environment, which contributes enormously to honey production purity. Also, there are many protected areas with rare plants and animals.
The moderate four seasons climate, the varied vegetation and the natural ecological conditions form the perfect environment for the development of strong and healthy bee colonies and the extraction of clean and pure honey with fantastic taste and aroma.
Last but not least, Bulgaria is one of the richest countries in herbs and honey plants in Europe, as many of them are unique to the world.

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