Raw Honeydew Honey 900g

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  • Raw Honeydew Honey
  • 100% Natural
  • Unpasteurised 
  • Coarse Filtered Only
  • State – Runny 

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Raw 100% Natural Honeydew Honey

State: Runny

Honeydew honey is the only type of honey made not from the nectar of the flowers, but collected from the sweet juices on the leaves and bark of the trees. Honeydew honey has a very dark almost black colour and thick consistency. Honeydew honey has levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and iron not found in any floral honey.

Taste: Honeydew honey has a full-bodied flavour. It has a silky smooth thick consistency with distinct and intense aroma of woods and a malty earthy flavour with slightly sour and salty notes.

Honeydew Honey Benefits: Honeydew honey has comparable or even more effective antibacterial activity than Manuka honey. The unique combination of minerals, microelements and vitamins make the honeydew honey a great antioxidant and health stimulator.

Pairing: Honeydew honey goes well with smoked cheeses and semi hard cheeses. It is also delicious in a plain yogurt or on toast, or as other types of honey great to enjoy on a spoon or two a day as a general immune booster.

Real Raw Honey guarantees 100% natural, unpasteurised Honeydew Honey– nothing added and nothing taken away! Unlike many commercial honeys, our process avoids fine filtering to ensure all the goodness including the pollen remains. Honey is our passion and we are dedicated in delivering quality. Great care is taken in every step from the hives straight to your doorstep.

Good to know: Crystallisation is a natural process in raw honey that indicates rawness and high quality.

If crystallisation occurs, but you prefer your honey runny, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water – not exceeding 40°C /104°F. With this method honey will turn back to runny retaining 100% quality and flavour.





50 reviews for Raw Honeydew Honey 900g

  1. Muhammad

    This is fantastic honey, not comparable to any honey I had tasted in the past.

  2. T. N.

    Fast delivery and excellent quality. Will definitely order again.

  3. Jimbo

    Nice and thick honey – rare to find these days.

  4. Mohammed

    Wonderful honey, so tasty.
    I consume honey every day and this is definitely authentic honey. I have ordered 2 jars, definitely will order more next time.

  5. Kelinda Brathwaite

    Amazing..I just love these honey…

  6. Anthony

    Very dark in colour with a thick consistency, it tastes pure and raw. Excellent honey.

  7. Pablo Sanchez

    Very thick and tasty

  8. Robert Ogunti

    Got what I expected. The viscosity and taste were what raw honey should be.

  9. Ibrahim

    Very good honey,good presentation, and excellent customer service.

  10. A. Hutchinson

    Unlike honeys I have ordered from other suppliers this is very thick as pure honey from the hive should be.

  11. Lewis

    Astonishing honey – worth every penny.

  12. Michael S.

    Absolutely love this – has a little molasses and treacle hints to it

  13. Neil

  14. Patricia

    Love your honey

  15. Judie

    Enjoying on each spoon of this elixir.

  16. Michael Daly

    Great tasting honey

  17. Mr. Tariq

    I ordered the honey and got it the next day. Well packaged and very tasty. I am pleased with the service. Thank you

  18. Kerry M.

    Always happy with this company. Great products, outstanding customer service.

  19. Joanne Richardson

    My favorite honey, will buy more

  20. Gareth

    Absolutely a first class product. A problem with postage (not their fault) Their sevice and attention was remarkable. Problem solved with courtesy and efficiciency Highly recommended .
    Oops! and the Honey was beautiful.

  21. Kelinda S.

  22. Mohamud Ali

    Amazing real honey. I love it.

  23. R Byzdra

    Excellent honey!

  24. Rizwan K.

    Very nice distinctive taste

  25. Akin M.

    Excellent service from Real Raw Honey. I was surprised at the way that the honey was packaged, very reassuring. As for the honey itself it is everything that I expected and more. A beautifully thick honey with a very distinct flavour ideal for those that like a strong honey.

  26. Anonymous

    No mistake

  27. Jennifer Brookes

  28. Mick Ryan

    This is Devine in tea

  29. Anonymous


  30. Jade

    Brilliant honey, yummy!

  31. Loreta A.

  32. Stephen H.

    First time seen a dark honey, looking forward to taste it

  33. Michael Courtney-Hunt

    Very pleasant taste which I use in tea, on toast on cereal. Really good honey👍

  34. Agnieszka N.

    Excellent honey, I love it. Very fast and secure delivery.

  35. Anonymous

    Highly recommended and contain it’s cure

  36. R Byzdra

    Excellent, thank you!

  37. Anonymous

    The best honey I’ve ever tasted! Delicious.

  38. Fiona W.

  39. Myra Rhodes

    Absolutely delicious honey, I keep returning to the jar for just one more spoon. Fast efficient delivery with honey well packaged. I am impressed by this company.

  40. natalia green

    very nice❤

  41. Rebecca

    Fabulous honeydew honey! Amazing taste and I’m very lucky to be able to have such a precious honey from our precious bees. Real Raw Honey company brings amazing honey’s at very reasonable prices, they are excellently packaged and top quality and delivered quickly. Your company is greatly appreciated! I will be a returning customer. Many thanks!

  42. Muna Linkova

  43. Myra

    Honeydew honey is delicious, interesting but delicious. Try it.

  44. Michal

    AMAZING!!! Sweet and rich in flavour. Fantastic with a bread alongside glass of warm (or not) milk!

  45. Dieu Nguyen

  46. Anonymous

    sooo pure and tasty

  47. Gillian Munro

    The best honey we have tasted

  48. Richard

    Very happy with all my purchases I am going through the whole range and enjoying doing so. So kids and wife went down with a bug so a spoonful of this dark honey and some Vits and were all back up and running within a couple of days. Would be a 5* if price were a bit lower

  49. luca

    I havent open it yet but it looks good

  50. Richard Barry

    Thanks for a super-prompt delivery of your delightful product! Will buy again.

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