Raw Acacia Honey 900g

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  • Raw Acacia Honey
  • 100% Natural
  • Unpasteurised 
  • Coarse Filtered Only
  • State – Runny

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Raw, 100% Natural Acacia Honey

State: Runny

Acacia honey is a monofloral honey, meaning it is made predominantly from the nectar of a single flowering plant species (Acacia). It has a crystal clear colour and is well-loved around the world for its clean, mild sweetness. Many experts even call it the best honey you can buy.

Taste: Pure and classic with distinct vanilla notes.

Pairing: Raw acacia honey has a low acid content, so it pairs well with many cheeses, figs, apricots, apples and other fruits and nuts. It is wonderful in coffee or tea or as a healthy spread on breakfast toast. The unobtrusive tastes also makes acacia honey highly popular to mix with drinks or other culinary applications, as it can compliment a dish and not be too overpowering.

Acacia Honey Benefits: 

  • Raw acacia honey is proven to increase brain activity. That can help to boost mental stimulation to improve cognitive skills and help ward of dementia.
  • Raw acacia honey is a natural source of rich complex vitamin like vitamin C, which boost the immune system.
  • Raw acacia honey has a low glycemic index, so it is fantastic for use as a natural sweetener by people sensitive to sugar.
  • Acacia honey is readily absorbed by the body,  a natural source of rich complex vitamins, microelements, antioxidants and flavonoids.

Real Raw Honey guarantees 100% natural, unpasteurised Acacia Honey– nothing added and nothing taken away! Unlike many commercial honeys, our process avoids fine filtering to ensure all the goodness including the pollen remains. We are dedicated in delivering quality. Great care is taken in every step from the hives straight to your doorstep.

Good to know: Crystallisation is a natural process in raw honey that indicates rawness and high quality.

If crystallisation occurs, but you prefer your honey runny, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water – not exceeding 40c /104fh. With this method honey will turn back to runny retaining 100% quality and flavour.

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37 reviews for Raw Acacia Honey 900g

  1. Kay Miller

    Absolutely delicious! Mild and sweet with a lovely smooth texture.
    Fantastic value for money and arrived beautifully packaged. Highly recommend 🙂

  2. Kathrine

    This is my second jar of this honey and I truly love it. Enjoying on every spoon.

  3. Jay S.

    Best acacia honey I have ever tried

  4. Rose D.

    High quality, delicious acacia honey. I would recommend.

  5. Matthew

    Best honey I’ve ever tasted. Definitely be ordering more

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    Image #1 from Matthew
  6. Nabila Ishaq

    Very tasty

  7. Abdul

    Superb,love it

  8. Paula V.

  9. Amir AL-JABIRY


  10. Ted Lyons

    This is second time the first jar was superb looking forward to start my new jar.

  11. Zubair

    Lighter taste then darker multi floral honey. Quite nice on its own

  12. Anonymous

    One of the best acacia honey I have tasted, great on toast, yogurt or on its own.

  13. Nudrat

  14. Hasna

    Good quality and good service 👍

  15. Veronika

    Very delicious honey I would definitely recommend it.

  16. David Holt

    Very tasty,soon disappears.

  17. Ted Mcanaw

  18. Husni E.


  19. Julia Ohkubo

    The taste is amazing!

  20. Marianne

    2nd order – lovely honey

  21. Esra

  22. Anonymous

  23. Sam B.

    Nice tasting honey. Brought originally for my son who said it helps with his hay fever allergy. Very pleased.

  24. Anica2 Belu

  25. Ted L.


  26. Rupert Pitt

    I felt there was too much packaging.

  27. Florentina

  28. DAVID H.

    Top Class service Honey is great

  29. Chhavi Mehrotra

    I have never tasted such a delicious honey. I regularly consume it in morning. A great way to start a day.

  30. Gary Crook

    Very nice honey can’t wait until it’s gone then I can order some lavender honey.

  31. Anonymous

  32. Norharyanti Hashim

    Love the taste. Quick delivery and wonderful packaging

  33. Anonymous

    Best honey I’ve tasted. Would definitely recommend.

  34. Chhavi Mehrotra


  35. Ted

    Best one ever

  36. ZOJA

  37. Eva Prager

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