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What is Propolis: Propolis is a natural resinous mixture produced by honey bees from substances collected from parts of plants, buds and exudates. Due to its waxy nature and mechanical properties bees use propolis in the construction and repair of their hives, sealing openings, cracks and smoothing out the internal walls and as a protective barrier against external invaders and weathering threats like wind and rain. It also acts as antiseptic barrier protecting the hive from contamination.

When gathered from the beehive propolis is sticky, yellow to brown, soft mass. It has a nice and strong aroma – mixture of beeswax, resin, honey and essential oils. It tastes sharp and bitter. The most popular and easy way to use propolis is taking 30% extraction made using pure alcohol to extract the resins – Propolis Tincture.

The most common way to use propolis tincture is having few drops in water.

What do we use it for: Improving immune response, inflammations, nose and throat infections, stomach and intestinal disorders, minor burns, mouth sores and inflammation. Propolis tincture is also good for different skin inflammations and acne. It should be applied directly on the problem spot.

Propolis contains a great variety of elements with a unique composition:
Flavonoids, Phenolic acids, Terpenes, Minerals – calcium, magnesium, aluminium, carbon, iron, manganese, nickel, and zinc;
Hydrocarbons, Amino acids, Vitamins (В₁, В₂, В₆, А, Е, С) and many other elements.

If you take propolis for the first time, we recommend taking just a couple of drops in the beginning, so you can make an allergy test. If there is no allergy reaction (some kind of rash) in 30 minutes, you can continue with the regular daily dose. If you in doubt consult with a specialist prior taking propolis tincture. 

14 reviews for Propolis Tincture 25ml

  1. Pablo Sanchez

    Very good for the inmune system, great quality

  2. Monika Bartoszek

    Very good.

  3. Olivia J.

    Brilliant quality. I take it every day. I have recommended your products to all friends and family. Thank you for your amazing service.


  5. Michael Courtney-Hunt

    A bit like menthol but not tried it long enough to realise long term benefits.

  6. Fiona W.

  7. Muna Linkova

  8. Anonymous

  9. Frances Woolf

    Easy to use. Has a bitter taste. Easy to take a few drops on a spoon with a juice.

  10. James A.

    I used this on a skin condition and it works

  11. Joan Rumboldt

    Great product

  12. Mike Mckeen

  13. Maria S.

  14. Gabriella Vari

    Very good material

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