Raw Linden Honey 900g

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  • Raw Linden Honey
  • 100% Natural
  • Unpasteurised 
  • Coarse Filtered Only
  • State – Runny 

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Raw 100% Natural Linden Honey

State: Runny

Linden honey with 70% linden pollen. This is exceptionally fragrant honey with really rich, unforgettable flavour, one of the most aromatic, delicious, and precious honey types. In Britain is called lime honey, produced from the nectar of lime trees. In North America is better known as basswood honey harvested from basswood trees. No matter what name is used, the tree has been described as the queen of honey plants.

Taste: Linden honey has a fresh characteristic flavour on linden flowers with a hint of caramel. It’s medium-bodied with a fine and delicate taste.

Linden Honey Benefits: Linden honey is an effective cough suppressant and an excellent remedy for sore throat. It is also historically known to be good for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Linden honey also has higher levels of vitamin B and C.

Pairing: Linden Honey is suitable for all kinds of plates on the table, bringing a delicate freshness and finishing touch.

Real Raw Honey guarantees 100% natural, unpasteurised Linden Honey – nothing added and nothing taken away! Unlike most commercial honey, our process avoids fine filtering to ensure all the goodness, including the pollen remains.  We are dedicated to delivering quality. Great care is taken in every step from the hives straight to your doorstep.

Good to know: Crystallisation is a natural process in raw honey that indicates rawness and high quality.

If crystallisation occurs, but you prefer your honey runny, simply place the jar in a bowl of warm water – not exceeding 40°C /104°F. With this method, honey will turn back to runny, retaining 100% quality and flavour.

63 reviews for Raw Linden Honey 900g

  1. Rebecca Hilton

    My honey brilliant thanks

  2. Rachel Davies

  3. Mr. Mark C.

    I would never buy honey from the supermarkets again.
    Now I know what is raw and real honey. Definitely will become a regular. 👍

  4. Mrs. B

    Nowadays it is very difficult to buy quality honey, I’m very happy I have found this company. This is 100% quality honey and you can taste the difference. Absolutely love it!

  5. Phill Jarvis

    This is the first time I am trying this company and can honestly say that I am impress with the product and customer service. Will definitely order again and recommend you to family and friends.

  6. Jonathan

    Exceptional honey, recommend it

  7. Samira

    Very aromatic and delicious. Love it.

  8. Mr. Keene

    Quick delivery nice honey👍

  9. Tricia S.

    No doubt this is raw honey. I am very glad to finally find a trustworthy supplier. Thanks

  10. Jackie P

    Really lovely honey, goes great in my tea and on my morning toast. Highly recommend!!

  11. Mrs

    Pleased with the purchase and service. Speedy delivery too. Thanks

  12. Amy- Leigh S

    Natural raw honey just the best. It’s flavour takes me back to my childhood.

  13. Anonymous

    Beautiful tasting honey with lovely texture and flavor.

  14. Steve

    Pure honey

  15. Kasem

    Good honey and good service

  16. T J

  17. John Emmanuel

    A spoon of runny honey in tea and coffee much better and great health benefits… Chop a banana on your cereal and light drizzle of honey…Heaven 😊💯👍🏾No more Sugar for me, thanks!

  18. Sue Sue

    We are delighted with the honey.Thanks x

  19. D. F

  20. Sarah

    Brilliant, will definitely be buying more.

  21. Elena M.

    Great quality

  22. Mohammed T.

    Perfect thanks

  23. Carol S.

    Beautiful Honey.. packaged great and promt delivery👍

  24. Michael T.

    Perfect, will buy again

  25. Michael CASHMORE

    The Honey is delicious and delivery very quick. Thank you.

  26. Andrew Strudwick

    The linden honey was very lovely, & very fast delivery 😀

  27. mohammed Hussain

  28. Anonymous

    Tickled my taste buds nicely.!

  29. Lydia Toms

    yes, absolutely loved it, my favourite so far, packaging was great, delivery was fast. Thank you!

  30. Anne Phillips

    First time trying raw honey, I’m not a fan of honey usually, but this is totally different to shop bought, I’ll be buying more, wildflower next, well packaged & speedy delivery.

  31. Florentina

  32. Rizwan K.

    Trying all flavors gradually, unique taste, excellent service.

  33. Loreta A.

  34. Stephen H.

    Very happy with the product

  35. Lynn M.

    Lovely light honey..excellent taste, but I prefer dark Pine/Oak /Mountain honey

  36. Artur G.

    This is what I call real honey 🍯! Thank you so much !

  37. Siska

    Linden is very very nice .all my family love it . We like to put on our favourite fruits or tea or herb . Wonderful taste of honey xx

  38. R Byzdra

    Excellent, thank you!

  39. Fiona W.

    Used this to sweeten rhubarb for crumbles and it tasted absolutely devine. Not tried the others yet, but Bulgarian honey is all lovely, so I know they’ll be just as fab. Love them!

  40. Andrew Strudwick

    This honey is excellent

  41. Anonymous

    Love it❤

  42. Rebecca

    Another amazing honey! I am so glad I have learnt about raw honey’s and how precious they are for good health. I count myself lucky to be able to buy it, and treasure every spoonful! God’s bee’s are super special! Real Raw Honey company brings amazing honey’s at very reasonable prices, they are excellently packaged and top quality and delivered quickly. Your company is greatly appreciated! I will be a returning customer. Many thanks!

  43. Martin A.

    Amazing! Best honey I have had

  44. John O.

    Excellent taste use it for my tea and a concoction I mix every morning

  45. Darren

    Beautiful Linden Honey have in my Tea, toast, cereal Love it.

  46. Muna Linkova

  47. Anne P.

    Beautiful honey, I used to think I didn’t actually like the taste of honey!

  48. Susan Castle

    absolutely beautiful honey

  49. Mohammad B.

    Excellent honey with a pronounced and lovely flavour, reminiscent of limes. The whole family enjoyed it, and it didn’t last long!

  50. Gillian Munro

    Love it

  51. Marion McFarlane

    Wonderful honey and very polite and helpful staff when dealing with queries

  52. Sean o.

  53. sabine v.

    Very tasty honey. Thank you

  54. Artur G.

    Extremely happy with your product ! Will buy it again ! Thank you!

  55. Pam

    Excellent honey and delivery was very prompt

  56. Spencer Milly

  57. Gordana C.

    Great honey. Great flavour. Love it.

  58. Karen

    Lovely honey floral taste

  59. Jane Coe

    I am very pleased with my beautiful raw linden honey.

  60. Ryan Kelsey

    Lovely citrus flavour.

  61. Itohan O.

    I love your product. It’s the real deal and there’s no after taste. Will be buying more when this huge jar finishes.

  62. Vera Dragusin

    Excellent honey, great report price/quality. The taste of linden is very strong, very flavoured honey. I would recommend to everyone

  63. Maria S.

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