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Fresh Honeycomb Honey

Honeycomb is made from the bees in the hive to store their honey and pollen. It’s made of beeswax. This is honey in the rawest and purest form.

Taste: It’s mild sweet with smooth, soft texture.

Honeycomb is extremely nutritious and packed with vitamins, enzymes, pollen and antioxidants giving enormous boost to the whole immune system. Its a perfect family treat or a gift for loved ones.

There are many ways you can consume honeycomb, perhaps the best one is to eat it as it is, so you can really enjoy on the smooth soft texture and feel the honey bursting in your mouth. It can also be used as sweetener in homemade deserts, on top of yogurt, oat meal or just on toast. It goes well alongside fruit, charcuterie, or aged cheese or just on top of salad. Avoid heating as this will neutralise some of the nutrients.

Storing: To keep the honeycomb fresh between servings it is best to store it in the original container or other air tight container in a cool dry place. Storing in fridge is not recommended for this product.

Real Raw Honey guarantees 100% natural Honeycomb Honey – nothing added and nothing taken away! Unlike many commercial honeys, our process avoids fine filtering to ensure all the goodness including the pollen remains. Honey is our passion and we are dedicated in delivering quality. Great care is taken in every step from the hives straight to your doorstep.




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13 reviews for Fresh Honeycomb

  1. Tim

    Well packed, arrived in time. It’s fresh and tasty.

  2. Danuta

    Very nice honeycomb, lovely flavour and texture, it didn’t last long in our house!

  3. Mariya Nencheva

    Best tasting honeycomb ever. It has amazing smooth and sweet flavour. It has become quite the treat in our home and my son really loves it. Definitely recommend this seller and will buy again. Thank you!

  4. Mahmoud Hamwi


  5. Sarah Hill

    Absolutely delicious and such a healthy but wonderful treat. Have never tried pure honeycomb before and I am very pleasantly surprised.

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  6. Muhammad MATTAR

    Excellent product and very satisfactory service.

  7. Anni

    Really fast delivery. A real treat as hard to get comb honey these days. My uncle and Aunt enjoyed theirs too. I will order again.

  8. Julie F.

    never tried it before but is lovely

  9. Kelinda B.

    Love it…

  10. David Holmes

    Excellent delivery and a taste to match. Highly recommended and I’ll be buying again

  11. Maliha Khan

    Delicious product, great service

  12. Viktorija


  13. Kev

    The taste of this honey can’t be described it needs to be tried. Really good 👌

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