Honey with Royal Jelly 450g

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  • Raw Honey
  • Royal Jelly
  • 100% Natural
  • State – Creamy 
  • Stir after opening

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Raw 100% Natural Honey with Royal Jelly 

A great, very healthy and very delicious mixture of Honey with Royal Jelly.

What is Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a thick substance with a cream colour and slightly little sour taste. It is produced by the young (6 to 14 days old) nursing bees. This actually is the food of the most important bee in the hive – The Queen bee. She is the mother of all the bees and the one that keeps the colony together. Interesting to mention is that she lives about 6 to 10 years while ordinary bees live about a month. For ages Royal Jelly is fascinating the science society with its unique composition and highly effective therapeutical qualities. It is one of the strongest and most valuable bee products with a widely recognised usage for supporting our health.

Honey with Royal Jelly mix combines the unique qualities of the products and in the same time is easier to take.
• One table spoon before breakfast for adults;
• One tea spoon for children (after the age of one).

Stir after opening. 


23 reviews for Honey with Royal Jelly 450g

  1. Tricia

    Delicious 😋

  2. Lavinia Gogorita

    Very ,very good! I’ll buy again soon!! Thank you Real Raw Honey!

  3. Ziad H.

  4. Donald S.

    Lovely honey, I would get this again

  5. Pablo Sanchez

    Excellent energy boost with the Jelly

  6. Sue

    Fabulous product, brilliant customer service too

  7. Paul White

    Nice taste, good value

  8. Kabir

    Delicious, unique taste and very nice creamy consistency. Five stars from me.

  9. Mrs. Delaney

    Lovely honey, the whole family enjoys on it very much.

  10. Marion McFarlane

    Lovely honey.

  11. Teo

    Lovely soft creamy consistency and delicious taste. I expected to be a bit bitter because of the jelly, but it mix beautifully with the honey. Essential to stir it after opening.

  12. Anonymous

  13. Brian M.

    Lovely taste, great quality and safe packaging. Thanks guys

  14. Abdul H.

    Tasty as I expected

  15. Stephen H.

    Looking forward to tasting Royal Jelly honey

  16. Oliver Skacan

  17. Marion McFarlane

    Worth the money. A very good product. Honey is important to your diet and this is superb.

  18. Dulce Packard

    delicious honey.

  19. Peter

    Excellent quality honey. It tastes really nice and came nicely packed within two days. Will buy again.

  20. Marion McFarlane

    Excellent honey

  21. Anonymous

  22. Betti

    Very good 😋

  23. Frances Woolf

    Delicious, sweet, a little grainy with a soft lemony taste. A thickish consistency.

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