Honey with Ginger 450g

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  • Raw Honey
  • Ginger Powder 
  • 100% Natural
  • State –Soft Set

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Raw Honey Infused with Ginger Powder

Honey and Ginger are each well known for their individual health benefits. The ginger and its spicy, pungent scent has long been known as a natural remedy to keep on hand for digestive issues, nausea and the sniffles. While honey, this golden elixir is rich on antioxidants and has many beneficial properties. The aromatics and flavour of both alone are awesome, but the combination of the two creates a smooth hotness, with sweet and spicy flavour. Very healthy, delicious and admirable combination.

Bee Honey mixed with 5% ginger powder. The mixture has a strong anti-inflammatory power and is fighting with high cholesterol levels. It is the perfect combination and always good to have it on hand for unexpected cold, flu or stomach troubles.  The combination is also widely used is Oriental / Asian cuisine. As always great to enjoy on a spoon or two a day for general immune system support and to enjoy on this delicious Honey & Ginger Combination.


6 reviews for Honey with Ginger 450g

  1. Eduardo B

    Delicious honey. I take a teaspoonful every morning. The delivery was fast and the packaging is great.

  2. Sheila

    Love it. My favorite treat with banana pancakes.
    Would highly recommend trying it.

  3. Teo

    Really comes on hand in cases of a flu or a bit of cold. Tastes very pleasant, spicy but not to much. The consistency is nice and smooth and the honey melts in the mouth.

  4. Monika Bartoszek

    Nice and smooth. Excellent

  5. B. H

  6. Peter

    Really enjoying the honey. It is first thing in my morning routine. Brilliant, can’t wait to try all of them.

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