Honey with Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly 450g

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  • Raw Honey
  • Bee Pollen
  • Propolis
  • Royal Jelly
  • 100% Natural
  • State – Soft Set

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This combination is the ultimate elixir of Bee products!

1% Royal Jelly – The superfood of the Queen Bee. It is a unique product, extremely rich in minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and has a great variety of B vitamins. The Royal Jelly has many benefits: It lowers cholesterol levels, helps reduce blood pressure, has an anti-aging effect, supports healthy brain functions, has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

2% Propolis – The antibiotic of the Bees. The applications of propolis include treating for the cold syndrome (upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, and flu-like infections), as well as dermatological preparations useful in wound healing, treatment of burns, acne, and neurodermatitis.

10% Bee Pollen – Bee pollen contains 40% protein, and it is considered one of nature’s most complete, nourishing foods. It contains nearly all nutrients required by the human body. About half of the protein is in the form of amino acids ready to be used directly by the body. Such highly assimilable protein can contribute significantly to one’s protein needs. Because of its unique amino acids composition is perfect for active people or older adults.

Last but not least, we have 100% natural Bee Honey as the main participant in this natural immune booster combination.

Taste: Delicious combination with a medium sweetness with hints of propolis, pollen, and royal jelly.

Real Raw Honey guarantees 100% natural, unpasteurised honey with Bee Pollen, Propolis, and Royal Jelly. We are dedicated to delivering quality. Great care is taken in every step from the hives to your doorstep.



53 reviews for Honey with Bee Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly 450g

  1. T. N.

    I am taking a spoon of it before breakfast and a spoon before workout and gives me a great energy boost, most importantly naturally.

  2. Karim

    Awesome, just ordered another one.

  3. Ashley M.

    I love this honey because of the great ingredients. Amazing creamy texture, it has the richest different taste that is wonderful. Will buy again.

  4. Terry

    Very delicious and very healthy product. I have a spoon of it every morning for a general immune support. Thanks

  5. Jonathan

    Fantastic mix of goods, you can taste the different ingredients in the honey. I use it every morning for a good healthy kick of the day. I will certainly keep it in stock in the cupboard.

  6. Viki

    Very good part of my healthy diet now.

  7. Julia Ohkubo

    Wonderful stuff. After eating this on toast every day for 7 days for breakfast my colitis has eased and I have loads of energy. Thank you!

  8. Chris Coutanche

    This goes along my breakfast every morning, very good.

  9. Lizzy Howard

    Rich in flavour, packed full of all the good stuff. It’s been so helpful for me that I had to buy another 5 in one order so that I don’t run out of it for some time.

  10. Monika Bartoszek

    Very good.

  11. Megan

  12. Michael

    This honey tastes uniquely amazing and because of the consistency, the jar goes a lot further than I would expect. Happily surprised with this purchase

  13. Marilyn Owen

    Excellent raw honey, very healthy. Speedy delivery too. I will try a different honey next time..

  14. N Theo

    Perfect for starting the day with. Recommend

  15. Mr. Greenwood

  16. Jacob Taylor

    I’m impressed!
    I can’t believe how good this product is. I highly recommend it

  17. Rosana D.

    Excellent product.

  18. Thomas M


  19. Anonymous

    I am extremely satisfied with the honey with the honey Bee Pollen Propolis and Royal Jelly 😊. It was really fantastic. I highly recommend.

  20. Neile Quinn

    It takes some getting used but it’s quality

  21. mandy wheatcroft

    Absolutely love this honey, I have it with my breakfast, best way to start the day. Fantastic fast delivery and friendly service

  22. john fernon

    Very nice and unique honey

  23. Brian Taylor

    This product is mind blowing. So good. I have it every day and I feel great.

  24. John P.

    This is a “set” honey so is really delicious on toast & has much health benefits just taking a teaspoon a day.

  25. Marina

  26. Patricia

    Loving this product. So healthy 😍

  27. R Byzdra

    Excellent honey!

  28. Azir

    The honey is lovely, a nice remedy for a sore throat.

  29. Jennifer Brookes

  30. Abdul H.

    Tasty as I expected

  31. Stephen H.

    Very happy with the product

  32. R Byzdra

    Excellent, thank you!

  33. Fiona W.

  34. Philip Field

    Wonderful dark colour, thick consistency and a really nice flavour! May be a bit pricey but worth it!

  35. Michal

  36. Anonymous

  37. Anonymous

  38. Leigh Smith

    Very sticky but great in Coffee

  39. Zoe

    Amazing product. Ordered second time. 🤗

  40. Catalina

    It’s an acquired taste ,but I’ve got the taste developed in childhood

  41. James A.

    Very nice

  42. Miroslava

    Great honey!

  43. Natalja S.

    Excellent quality product and service

  44. Pam

    Excellent product and service

  45. Michael

    Very tasty and healthy bost this Autumn. The delivery is excellent too.

  46. Brian

    I have it every day. Excellent quality

  47. Jan

  48. Zdravka

    Strong taste and very healthy

  49. Paula Robinson

    This is absolutely lovely! I will be taking it every day to give my immune system a boost.
    A great company to work with!

  50. ZOJA

  51. Marianne

    Also helpful as medicine, this raw honey with royal jelly & propolis.

  52. Paula R.

    A spoonful of this a day keeps colds away. Pure goodness!! Excellent!!

  53. Marco

    Very good service and customer care, and very good quality

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