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Raw, 100% Natural Bee Pollen

Pollen is the second product bees produce most. It’s in the form of small granules. Bee Pollen is considered one of the nature’s most complete foods due to its comprehensive and well balanced nutrient content.

Taste: Bee pollen has a specific, rather pleasant taste, however it could take a few consumptions to get used to it, and actually to start enjoying the taste.

Bee Pollen Benefits: Great brain booster, improves alertness and concentration. Rich in B vitamins enhancing athletic performance. Normalises blood pressure and strengthens blood cells.

Intake Options: There are many intake options, it can be sprinkled over cereals, yogurt, oatmeal, salads or added to homemade granola and smoothies. Also it can be consumed directly preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. Avoid heating as this will neutralise some of the nutrients and reduce the beneficial qualities.

Pollen can be used not only as a food supplement, but in cosmetics as well, as it has a very strong rejuvenating and regenerating effect. For example, if you add some bee pollen to your shampoo, it will dissolve and enrich the shampoo with its vitamins. It could be also added to face cream and hair mask.

Good to know: Bee pollen is a natural product that needs to be refrigerated.

Important – Allergies

If you are affected by hay fever, bee pollen may cause an allergic reaction. If you are in doubt, it is advisable to take just a few grains initially to see, if you get a reaction. If your are in doubt, please consult with a specialist.


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23 reviews for Bee Pollen 100g

  1. Teo

    I am having a spoon of it every morning, gives me a great energy boost and keeps me full till noon.

  2. Kathleen Coutts

    It takes a bit of getting used to the taste but I’m loving it. Plus it’s good for me.

  3. Rossella P.

  4. Barry Cave

  5. Dawid

    Excellent Product and Great customer service. Initial Parcel got lost in the post, but that was dealt with professionally and promptly! I’d highly recommend!

  6. Pablo Sanchez

    Really good quality, I can feel the reaction in my throat straight away. Great for energy and high fever

  7. Yvonne Gallagher

    Amazing, tones of benefits for your health and skin! I use it in my smoothies, youghurt and even in my face masks.

  8. Anonymous

    Tastes very good.
    We love to add it to our morning smoothies.
    Overall great product at very good price 👍

  9. Laura H.

    Love this pollen, very tasty and great value. Highly recommend!

  10. Anonymous

    I ordered Bee Pollen and highly recommend. It was fantastic and very nice 😋👌. The service was excellent. Thank you☺.

  11. Ian


  13. Kim G.

    Really like this so far I’ve only had it on toast with honey and Greek yogurt. But love it

  14. Lara K.

    What a beautiful gift from nature coming to us through you! thank you thank you thank you!

  15. Oliver Skacan

    Very good quality

  16. Michael Courtney-Hunt

    Not tried before but over cereal they taste ok!

  17. Anonymous

    Highly good remedy

  18. Oliver Skacan

  19. Fiona W.

  20. Daniela Angelova

  21. Anne P.

    Don’t enjoy the taste but take it for the health benefits.

  22. James A.

    Very nice

  23. Sarah McCarthy

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