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Does Honey Go with Cheese?

By July 14, 2021October 5th, 2023Honey Blog

The combination of these two delicious foods began around A.D. 14-37 with a Roman gourmand named Marcus Gavius Apicius.

Throughout the ages, the name Apicius has been associated with luxury and just happens to be the title of the oldest collection of recipes from ancient Rome.

Although the many legends surrounding the life of Apicius, history seems to agree that his extravagant menus were regarded as high art, and his parties were lavish banquets often lasting for days.

As well known, feasting was a significant part of Roman society, and honey was a delicacy reserved for only the elite. Apicius included honey in many of his recipes, it kept the food fresh and moist, and it could also mask the taste of spoilage in the days before refrigeration.

Pairing Cheese and Honey

Honey pairs well with any cheese, but some of the best cheeses to pair with honey are: goat cheese, mild and creamy brie, blue cheese, stilton or simply your favourite. A very delicious combination is honey with cheese, grapes and bread, if you haven’t, give it a try. It is a fantastic weekend treat that you would most likely repeat.

Honey is not just a healthy sweetener, but universal food which goes well on everything and could be considered the first condiment as in early ages people consumed predominantly what was grown or produced by the nature.

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